New Instant Quote for Nurse Practitioners

24.02.2016 in Uncategorized

ECBM is proud to offer an instant quote feature for Nurse Practitioners. While this number is not binding, it is an accurate representation for nurses wh0 have not had claims in the past and have not recently graduated from nursing school. Currently, we are quoting for limits of $1mil/$3mil, but are able to email quotes for a range of limits. To try this feature, follow the prompts that will reveal a box labeled ‘ANNUAL PREMIUM’ containing your estimated payment.

ALA National Conference Slide Show

24.02.2015 in Uncategorized

Did you miss Charlie Bernier’s slide show about HIPAA enforcement and cyber security at this fall’s ALA Business of Law conference? Access his slideshow on Slideshare.net here for detailed information on:

– The Omnibus Final Rule and its implications for Business Associates and Vendors of Business Associates

-Fines and Penalties for failure to adhere to this new rule

-How to create a sound IT policy

– The importance of having a robust cyber insurance policy

– Coverage inclusions and exclusions to look for in a cyber insurance policy


Click HERE to view the slideshow.